Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 4

The fourth series of the Super Hit TV show The Great Indian Laughter Challenege is as expected NO GOOD. Looks like the producers have lost the wining formula.
The first one was the best TV show I had seen till date. The 2nd good, 3rd... decent and 4th... ordinary. Reasons, its the same stuff now. Audience now want a change. Secondly, no Perizaad :( (this should be the first reason.. ha ha). Thirdly, Shatru Bhaiyya. What is he doing with Sidhu?? Who made the most boring man, after Manoj Kumar, as a judge and that too on a Comedy Show. What were the producers thinking? Also, I see there is hardly any originality in the contestants. Most of the jokes are old and so are the participants trying their luck.... again. I strongly suspect that the producers fell short of their decided numbers and thus, called on some of the participants from the previous editions. This time too they sucked. And for heavens sake, no jokes on Sukhwinder plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sukhwinder ne yeh kiya, woh kiya, nahaaya, dhoya....

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