Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mayawati for PM

Every Indian parliamentarian wishes to be a PM someday and prominent among those is an 80yr old Advani. What also is no secret is that Mayawati too has similar ambitions. And I am Ok with anyone but Behenji. No, not her, not even in my dreams. The only female I am Ok with is Priyanka Gandhi :D.
My appeal to all my sisters.... pls for heavens sake take her to a good beauty salon and get her cleaned up. Folks, just imagine Mayawati standing shoulder to shoulder with all Bush's, Merkel's and Gordon Brown's.... No never. the day she takes oath to become PM, I'l leave this country and take oath never to return.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trek to Prabalgad: Part II

At the start of the second leg of our climb, Sallu some arrow like marks and took the leaders hat from me.

KKs job here was to pray so that it doesnt rain when we ascend and descend. We started a near vertical climb and competely ran out of water. We then filled up on a narrow waterfall. Initially we just freshened ourselves and there was no good place to rest on the way up. There are huge boulders everywhere and we got a little cautious. Feroze first drank from the virgin stream. "Sahi hai", he said. Hurriedly, we all except KK quenched our thirst and filled bottles. Carefully, taking one step at a time and praying that we dont get lost, Salu took off. It was getting tougher for me and took brief pauses so that I catch my breath back. Boy, it was damn humid and since, we were ascending from behind a hillock there was no breeze. Yet we went ahead. After 40 minutes or so, we saw remnants of the Prabalgad fort. There are around 4ft high or less walls at the periphery of Prabalgad. Seeing this we got a ittle relaxed. As we reached at the top what we saw was....................... NO FORT! :(. Lush green trees everywhere with some open green patches and some dangerous ooking ant hills. Thats it! No fort, no wals, no pillars, no cannons and no shit. So, I decided to give something back :D ha ha..

We were disappointed... totally. No signs anywhere. There has to be something. Suddenly, Sallu spotted an arrow on a rock. We got it. We decided to head in that direction. Here we go... After another 10 minutes we spotted a water resorvoir and again got disappointed as we reached closer. It was hardly anything. But wait a minute, as we looked around, we realised that we have reached at the edge of the Prabalgad. And the view of the surrounding hills was simply breathtaking.

Towards, north-west we could see Arnala, Matheran towards south, Kalavantin peak towards east.

Ah.. Nature at its best. At 2300 ft above mean sea level, KK and feroze sat right at the edge. Wow.. Me and sallu stayed back. Slowly, the clouds were ascending Prabalgad and we could see and feel this natural phenomenon. A walk in the clouds.
The breeze was strong. What a wonderful experience we had man. This brought smiles back on our faces. But we were yet to see any fort like structure. It was time for Salah and lunch. And trust me it was one lavish affair. Rajmah Masala, Aalo Parathas, Cheese Spread, Curd, Sauce, Pauha.. One heck of a meal :D

After a while we started our descent. We thought we could reach at the base by Asr. But thanks to Sallu and a beer can, we lost our way our descent was no less tough then our climb. Trekkers, bastards, have littered this entire place with plastic bottles and beer cans. And Sallu thought he'd seen only one. And it started raining cats and dogs. All the trails were washed and turned into muddy water ways. After a long time, we reached at a spot which I felt we came across before. I led the way and slowly but steadily we reached at the balcony near Thakurwadi. Phew.. we made it down and safely. An hour from here, we made to a point from where the pathe flattens. We took a bath in a small stream. It was here a white devil appeared in the form of feroze. Ha ha... good there were no villagers around else they would have surely worshipped him as a white god. Dude, be careful when you visit such isolated places next time. lol.... Quickly changed our clothes and offered our Asr here.

Salman gets Polka dotted(King of the mountains) jersy and KK gets Green(Sprinters).. ha ha.. Tour de Prabalgad!

As we looked back at the peak, we thought in our minds that at one point we were on top of the world and now we heading back to a miserable world carrying our bruised and broken bods. And slowly we saw a hot chick appearing from nowhere heading straight towards us.. I wondered, where did she came from. And indeed it was a female but she wasnt hot. She was part of a group who had come for some team building activity and all. Feroze asked one fat female if they would be leaving anytime soon so that we get a lift. Desparatley, ghar jaana tha. Could walk no more... We were so damn tired. And the rickshaw wala who dropped us at this same point, never took our calls since. A drunk local appeared from nowhere and advised us to hold fort coz it was time for a last ST bus.. Hurrah.. But we were fast losing patience. So, we decided to take a rick to Shedung Fata and ST from here. Eventually, we took the same ST bus and lucky feroze this was supposed to be the last trip of the bus and hereafter, it was to park at Thane Depot.

So, where are we headed next time guys.. some place but at half the altitude of Prabalgad. ha ha.. Bastards all those who said it is a 2hr climb and an easy trek. But hey I forgive them all for a good trip that we had... :D

Monday, July 14, 2008

Trek to Prabalgad: Part 1

Prabalgad, standing 2300ft. above sea level, is a forgotten piece of Maratha history located just 12 kms from Panvel Railway Station and in the vicinity of Matheran, the famous hill station.

We were planning a trek somewhere for a long time. We zeroed on this place since KK wanted to go to some place thats closer to Mumbai with lots of greenary and waterfall. Not much is written on this place on the internet except that it is a forgotten cousin of Matheran and ignore by Britishers, a fort is built here by some Umaji Naik and all. But frankly speaking most of them are written by some extra smart bastards who think that trekking is a childs play. Yes, u read it right. Most of them will surely misguide u. And we were.

We were a group pf 4.. feroze(Bawa), KK, Sallu bhai(not he aint Salman Khan) and myself.
The day was Sunday and time early morning.. in fact very early. I set my alarm to blast at 3:45 am. A few minutes before it rang.. there comes a message.. from feroze that said, "Wake up, rise and shine". And I rose up. I quickly removed stuff from my fridge.. Al-Kabeer Aloo Parathas, Amul Curd and started getting ready. At 4:30 am, I was ready. KK, Sallu and myself initially planned to meet at Santacruz at 5:00 am so that we can catch a fajr jamaat somewhere at Kurla before we head towards our destiny. As I took off, i thought of calling up Salman. "Salman, u ready"?? And guess what he said, "Are yaar mein abhi utha.". "Bastard", I said. Then I called up feroze and I told him that Sallu aint ready. "Bastard", said feroze too. After exchanging many phone calls we all finally met at a Kurla mosque offered Salah together in a jamaat and all set to conquer the conquered. ha ha..
Prabalgad.. here we come.

We caught a 6:14 local to Panvel from Kurla terminus and reached Panvel in an hour. From here, we took a ST bus to Shendug fata(marathi for intersection). This place is located on the Old Mumbai-Pune national highway before Karjat. Karjat is 11kms from here. We decided to take a rick to Vardoli-Thakurwadi, a tiny hamlet located on the foothills of Prabalgad. Its here that we found out a hidden talent in Sallu Bhai.. hes Marathi speaking abilities. Sallu started negotiating with rickshaw drivers in an unheard of dialect. It was more like a bhaiyya speaking in Marathi. Luckily there were no MNS guys around. We warned Sallu to not to speak in Marathi ever. The rickshaw dropped us at the foothills. And we started our trek towards Prabalgad. You can see this mountain from Shendug.

Prabalgad is plateau that again has another plateau half way down hill and Kalavantin pinnacle as a neighbour. Kalavantin is a match stick like thin peak rising from this plateau. It is difficult to do both in a day... possible for pro's which we arent. Anyways, as we headed towards our second base, the lower plateau.. i mean.. we saw tiny pug marks all on the way. We were scared as some writers on the internet had mentioned that this place is surrounded by wild animals and all. (First reason for calling them "Bastards"). Feroze actually removed out a Khukri and me a swiss army knife. After a while we met a local, walking barefeet on a stony muddy track and asked him if this true. Guess what.. he laughed at us. We shook our heads and started walking little faster. Feroze started the pace-making. The climb towards the second base was good. We began seeing more and more locals wondering if there is a temple ahead or something or a reservoir. We reached this place in just over an hour and almost exhausted. The weather was not good at all.. very humid but the lush green surroundings compensated for that. We halted at a stream on the way and washed ourselves off sweat and dirt and quenched our thirst. Bawa made a nice filling
Chesse Sandwich. There is tiled balcony in pink half way which can serve as a good halting point for all.

Re-juvinated we started our mission only to bump into a village with brick houses, wondering how on earth did they get stuff all the way here to build pucca houses and at 1400ft with no motorable road. For the second time, we shook our heads. Not because we were jealous of the villagers lifestyle but the fact that the stream passed through the village. And Im still praying that they dont let out their toilet pipes in it.. Shits man..

We traversed thru the village whose paths were lined with human faeces and dung everywhere. It was already 10:00 amd and we decided to speed up a little and we did as it was a plateau and easy with me doing the pace making this time. After a while, we asked the locals for directions and trust me they are very helpful. We looked the peak covered with dark clouds, we knew that this will be one heck of a trek. The slopes on Prabalgad are near vertical and for a moment we thought that reaching the top would be impossible and it nearly was. The climb was breathtaking and dangerous and almost vertical surrounded by dense forests. And if you ar watchful, there are signs (while arrows on rocks and trees) to guide you towards the summit. "Bastard" bloggers(2nd reason). We decided to skip the Kalavantin pinnacle for Prabalgad fort expecting to catch a glimpse of the forgotten fort. Futher ahead, we filled our water bottles hoping and praying that there were no more human settlements ahead. And our prayers were answered. The water in the small waterfalls is quite pure and

Now starts the second part of the climb and the toughest and the third reason for "Bastard"....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mahadvan and Vidya Balan shine in Airtel's New Ad

I liked them together in Mani Rathnam's Guru and they looked really cute as a couple. Now they are back again in Airtel's new campaign. Guys u ROCK! Vidya Balan.. u look absolutely gorgeous man and Mahadavan, I envy u dude. And the ads too are nicely made. Both look like a real life couple. And thank God.. they aren't.

The day Vidya marries, I swear a new Devdas will be born.. 4th one I guess. These days Shahid Kapoor is being linked to her. Both deny that story dude. I hope it stays like that :D

Shahid Bhai... Koi aur dhoondo na yaar :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Federer Vs. Nadal: Wimbeldon'08

How many times have we seen Federer and Nadal fight it.. not infinite times but on so many occasions that many of us are now bored of it.. hmmmm.. not me. I always pray that Roger wins the French Open playing Nadal before I die. ha ha.. And I am never bored of them. Federer ruled and still rules the grass. But whenever I see him play with Nadal I somehow get that feeling that this could be the end of Federer era and beginning of Nadals.
I hope that this time also Federer triumphs. Because if Nadal conquers Federer tommorrow then my fear will surely see daylight.
Go Federer Go..

Abhijeet calls Atif Aslam "Besura"

Let me introduce Abhijeet Bhattarcharya first. An out-of-job bollywood playback singer who plays judge on many reality TV music shows these days to earn a living. Any hits to his name.. well a few, namely from Yes Boss and to some extent from Chalte Chalte and has done playback singing for mostly Shahrukh Khan because the only reason I could think of is HE IS SIMPLY NOT WORTH IT.

So what is the controversy about. Well this guy.. who is himself a failure calls Atif Aslam, the sensation from Pakistan who famously sung Lamhe in Zeher and the painful Tere Bin in Bas Ek Pal, a "Besura", when one of the contestants sung atif's Pehli Nazar Mein from Race. Who could have bettered Atif in Race or tere Bin or Zeher.. tell me friends?? Anyone but Abhijeet. Had I been on that show as participant or a guest.... as anyone, then I would have surely thrown my one shoe on his face and the other shoved it in his a$$. How dare he say that??

He should be boycotted from the entire field of Music. Okay.. wait a minute. I dont have to say that. He is already out of work.. at least in the singing department. Now, he must also be boycotted in his new avatar.. as a judge. Abhijeet if this is again a cheap publicity stunt then be careful with your words dude.. it may cause harm to you. So....Think before you speak.

Also, Abhijeet.. could you please take along that Aadesh Srivastava also?