Friday, November 28, 2008

Saluating our Heroes

The siege of Taj finaaly came to an end after 60hrs of confrontation on Saturday early morning when the last of the 3 remaining terrorists was overpowered by the NSG. Fanatstic job by our security forces.
All television channels were airing the funeral services of slain ATS chief Karkare, havaldar Gajender Singh and Major Unnikrishanan of NSG. The visuals of Major's mother whispering in the ears of her dead son brought tears to my eyes. It was a very touching moment. A very sad day in my life. Never before I have seen all people so united. People had lined the funeral paths of our brave soldiers with flowers in their hands. We salute you all.
That said, our politicians at the funeral ceeremony of Karkare were seen jostling for space on screen "to offer their last (false)respects" to the chief looking at the TV cameras making thier presence felt. So now we all know that CM Vilasrao was there along with R R Patil, Manohar Joshi, Vinod Tawde and god knows how many felow eunuchs were there.... shameless bastards!
The NSG should have sent these guys to the frontline. All bloody bunch of eunuchs. One day.. only one day they kept politics aside and appeared united only to be broken by Modi, Advani & Co. Had these terrorists asked the heads of all politicians then I am sure every Indian would have readily and gladly obliged. We have sufferred more from them than the terrorists. Surprisingly, we have heard nothing from Amar Singh, Laloo, Rajnath Singh(who is busy with saffron parties these days), Mayawati..... BASTARDS! For once, I wish, the terrorists take these guys as hostages.. naah.. just kill them all. And I wonder, why is it only Mr. Modi who gets timely intelligence inputs for activities throughout the country? Is he running an intelligence network of his own? Or he thinks that we Indians are fools? "Meine pradhan mantriji se aagrah kiya tha......" barks Modi after every terrorist strike. Shut your hole for once. And he wasted no time in announcing a compensation of 1 crore INR.
The same politicians gave names to Karkare when he arrested Sadhvi Pragya and for his investigations in Malegaon blasts and now after his death, he has been called as a Hero by them. They should all render a public apology and quit politics.
My prayers for all those whos died in these tragic attacks. May your soul rest in peace..... Aameen!!

And the (rot)story begins.... Advani smells victory, BJP grabs power, poor die, Raj Thackerey's goons fight bhaiyyas, Malegaon blasts suspects are released, Karkare becomes a villian, more terror strikes, innocent caught, families ruined... MERA BHARAT MAHAAN

Saturday, November 22, 2008

People will never forgive UPA: Advani

Mr. Advani, I hope you have not included me in those "people". And where have yoou been and how are you?
Finally, he has broken his silence on Malegaon blasts probe and hes back with a bang. Any pressure Mr."PM in waiting"?
Sir, you are 80 years old and in this ripe old age you should be resting and playing with your grand kids. Why was everyone quiet when scores and possibly hundred of innocent Muslims were rounded up by state police across country without any charge and "evidence"? Why only Muslims face the brunt of every terror probe? Why is no one standing up for them? And why the support for only Sadhvi Pragya and not for Dyanand Pandey, the self styled Shankaracharya and a fraudster? This is all politics of convenience from BJP and Saffron parties.
The answer is simple.. BJP and the allied saffron parties are in total disbelief that the Maharashtra ATS led by a Brahmin has found the "real culprits" and almost all of them from their fold and that they now stand exposed. The investigation into those blasts has opened a pandorras box of Saffron terror much to the frustration of them and our PM in waiting. And they ask why has everything come up in an election year. Well folks.. the blasts happened in an election year and the investigations began in an election year and the saffron suspects rounded up in an election year. They couldnt have done all that before the blasts morons.
Whenever any blasts take place, the administration is quick to blame the Muslims and round up innocents for no reason and charge. I strongly believe this all will change and the cops will do their homework thoroughly before making any arrests. The right-wing Hindu groups have long taken advantage of the ideological differences between Deobandis and the Barelvi sects and blaming Deobandis for blasts. Not anymore.
As far UPA is concerned, I am not pro-Congress or pro-UPA but I have always believed that they are lesser of the two evils and they all have done a great job so far in handling the blasts probe.
There are black sheeps in every community and let us not single out any particular community. And if you ask for evidence against Sadhvi then ask for those hundreds of innocent Muslims languishing in state prisons only to be not found guilty(Mecca Masjid blasts case) by our judiciary after many years.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No such thing as Saffron Terror: RSS

Guys, wake up and smell coffee. Saffron terror always existed as "Mob Terrorism" thoughout the country. Ask Christians of Orissa and Gujarat and Muslims of Gujarat and they will tell you how they are living in terror.
And by the way who was Nathuram Godse? A "Hindu Terrorist".
At the same time, I agree that one should not label a terrorist as a Hindu or a Muslim or a Sikh. If they are indeed a Hindu or a Muslim or a Sikh then they would not have indulged in any kind of violence that harms the society on a whole.
The other night I saw Mrs Purohit talking to the media that her husband has been framed and she has been living through hell and that its been a difficult period for her. I felt sorry for her as I do for the countless Muslim women who wait for their "disappeared" sons, husbands and brothers till eternity only to die without having seen them even once. You are going through that same hell Mrs. Purohit. That Dyanand Pandeys family has threatened mass suicide if the ATS tortures a "Desh Bhakt". I hate saying this but I hope you all go through that same hell and experience it and the suspects rot in prison even if you are innocent.
Why only Muslims should live in it?