Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maria, Maria.... yeh tune kya kiya??

The murder of Manish Grover is no less than horrific. His body cut into pieces, dumped in a sack and burnt in a not so accessible patch of jungle on the outskirts of Mumbai. And who did this all.. a naval officer, Matthew and for what a girl.. ho ho ho. Now this aint surprising at all. It seems that the dead dude sought sexual favours from Maria. Again this is no news and reminds me of the sting op carried out by some television network on Mr. Shakti Kapoor and a delhi dood, Aman Verma was it??.. hmmm yep it was. The murder has opened a pandoras box with many females certifying him as a flirt.

Coming back to the Marias side of the story, it seems she alerted Mathew that Manish was after her and she simply cant see her back. Like all love struck possesive guys, Mathew flew from Kochi with an intention to teach Grover a lesson. And what he saw at Marias home left him infuriated. Grover was with no pants and Maria with almost none. May be Maria actually didnt wanna see his back. Front may be?? He often slept with Maria. Red faced Mathew took a sharp knife and .... prepared for a jungle BBQ with Maria.

Mr. Grover, after sleeping with Maria on many(.. i guess) occasions, doosri dekhni thi yaar. Another night with same chick is not worth your life dude. You could have easily found another one(in your profession i mean..) Sad.. very.

A lesson to all guys like Grover, never fall in this kinda situation. No baar baar.. ek-do baar and then NEXT.May your soul rest in peace.