Sunday, June 29, 2008

Euro 2008: Pre-Finals

A good tournament after a long time. Has to be the best Euro in a long time. Tonights 08'final is between the European football giants and 3 time champions, GERMANY and the most under acheivers in the International Football, Spain.
In one of my blogs,I mentioned that Spain have historicaly started off well in most championships and could never make it til the end. I just hope that they break the jinx this time around. What quality they have.. Villa(not playing), Silva, Ramos, Senna(had an amazing tournament). Then there is the ever so reliable Casillas and Carlos Puyol. Iniesta played well in patches and so did Torres. I think Fabregas should have been playing full 90 minutes before. You cant see the talent like him on the bench. With Villa gone, he should be in for sure. Talking about Germany, I think this match should be difficult for them if Spain get the maximum ball possession. Again start is important. The Germans have always been slow starters. Bastien, Lahm, Bearded defender(cant recollect his name) and Podolski have had a good tournament so far. Then you have Mr. Lehman who cant keep his tempers low and keeping quality high. He is the current "Barthez" of International Football.. lol. I strongly suspect that Ballack is not 100% fit. If I am wrong then he no longer is a 90-minute man. Any plans of retirement from Internation scence looks very likely.

Spain is my favorite tonight and I am looking forward to some high quality action and a tense encounter.. All the best folks!

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