Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Euro 2008: Spain Vs Italy, Quarterfinal

Tired players and a boring game of football thats how I describe the match between Italy and Spain. The most hyped match was one of the most boring one of this tournament. Let me comment on some of the players from both sides,
Ambrosini- Looked like he needed a good night sleep. Was too lazy... particularly his clearance
Luca Toni- My 5 yr old nephew falls less often than him
Perrotta- Playing hide and seek with the ball
Zambrotta- He looked tired after only few minutes on ground
Buffon- Should have concentrated more on ball than kissing players. The only good performance was from Chenialli. His marking was simply too good for Spanish forwards.

Iniesta- Looked like he was playing for himself
Senna & Silva- Forgot where the goal is
Villa- Upset about every dam thing

Both sides played negatively from the first minute. Spain deserved victory only because they worked hard to get there. The overall quality of football was no less than pathethic despite the fact that both teams had great players. The tactics were defensive and passing poor. The goalies were hardly bothered.
Staying awake till 3am in the morning for such a dull match, was a very bad decision.

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